Keywords for the study of cosmic radiation

©Jeremy Müller. Used with permission.

From the provided text about the effects of chronic exposure to cosmic radiation on plants, the keywords and key phrases can be listed as:

  1. Cosmic radiation
  2. High-energy, charged particles
  3. DNA Damage
  4. Mutations
  5. Cell Damage
  6. Cell membranes
  7. Mitochondria
  8. Chloroplasts
  9. Growth and Development
  10. Altered Growth
  11. Reproduction
  12. Stress Response
  13. Radiation Resistance
  14. Biological Shielding
  15. Space Exploration
  16. Sustainable life support systems
  17. Space missions
  18. Extraterrestrial colonization

These keywords and phrases encapsulate the primary themes and concepts discussed in the text.

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